About NTAF


The North Texas Ace Foundation (NTAF) is a 501(C)(3) private foundation that supports initiatives in human healthcare, animal welfare and the education of today’s youth pursuing a future in medicine.

Meet Ace, the adorable dog on the right. A welcome family member to Dr. Compton Broders and his wife Maureen Murry, Ace is the inspiration for NTAF. Broders and Murry adopted Ace when they were already in their 50’s, though they quickly realized that this adoring creature was completely dependent upon them. They learned that the things Ace needed to live, thrive, feel safe and belong to a family, were the same things that motivate humans. Like a pup, a person needs to feel safe, to have respect from others and seek experience that can help them grow. The couple drew on the philosophy of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs—from the basic like food, water and warmth to the self-fulfillment needs that allow one to reach their full potential—as the core of the NTAF.

This organization is dedicated to helping individuals and animals achieve all levels of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs through donations and partnerships with other similarly aligned non-profit organizations, and scholarships for students pursuing a dream in healthcare and welfare.

Board of Directors

J. Alexander Geesbreght

Dr. Compton A. Broders, III

Carey E. Geesbreght

Human Healthcare

Good healthcare is something every individual requires in order to survive and thrive. The providers who deliver this care fulfill a roll in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, nurturing on the physiological level and ensuring safety so one can move through life healthy and happy. At some point, these providers were students who were aspiring to achieve their utmost potential to master medicine for the betterment of others.

Through various efforts, NTAF supports organizations that make a direct impact on healthcare in the North Texas community. In addition, NTAF provides scholarships for sharp young people working in or pursuing a career in medicine. A few of our events and scholarships are featured here, with efforts continuously expanding.

Broders ER Golf Classic

The annual Broders ER Golf Classic draws physicians, nurses, paramedics and other medical professionals from the DFW area for a competitive fundraiser in support of the Injury Prevention Center of Greater Dallas, a community outreach program supported by the Parkland Health & Hospital System. Over the last twelve years, the event has raised over $400,000. In 2015 and 2016, NTAF was the Safety Awareness Sponsor at the Golf Classic, which helped provide critical care to the more than the 1 million patients a year who depend on Parkland.

Animal Welfare

As much as Ace of NTAF inspiration needs attentive care to flourish as a happy and healthy dog, so do other animals in the North Texas area. NTAF strives for the well-being of animals by supporting organizations devoted pet rescue, adoption and veterinary care. Featured here are just a few of the groups we partner with to give animals care, love and help find them homes.

Cappy & Riff's

Cappy & Riff’s Friends Rescue is a non-profit organization that provides a temporary home for surrendered or found dogs or horses till they are adopted. In 2015 and 2016, NTAF made financial contributions to Cappy & Riff’s to help offset the cost of spaying / neutering and vaccination, as well as other vertinary procedures such as microchip and emergency medical treatment. In 2015, Cappy & Riff’s took in 49 dogs and 5 horses, with 38 happy dogs placed in loving homes.

Animal Hope Pet Adoptions

Animal Hope Pet Adoptions helps “second chance” animals, ones that need a little extra behavioral or medical care, find adoring families. They work with Animal Hospital Southwest to provide medical treatment to animals in need of attention. All four-legged friends are spayed / neutered, vaccinated, treated for heartworm and screened for parasites. In 2016, NTAF and the Tarrant County Young Lawyers Association (TCYLA) hosted Buzz for a Cause, held at The Little Red Wasp in Fort Worth, TX, which raised $4,346 for Animal Hope.


NTAF is dedicated to the future healthcare providers in our nation. Today's pre-health students will be tomorrow's doctors, physician assistants & nurse practitioners. By supporting their education, we can help these energetic stars achieve their dreams in medicine.

Rebecca Keel Memorial Scholarship

Click here to Apply for the 2017 Rebecca Keel Memorial Scholarship

The Rebecca Keel Memorial Scholarship honors Becky Keel, a former PhysAssist Scribe who lost her life in a tragic car accident in 2015. At only 22, Becky was a remarkable individual who had accomplished an incredible amount while also touching so many people in her circle. Pictured here on her first day with PhysAssist Scribes, her ebullience, energy and amazing nature shine through.

Becky was passionate, adventurous, bright, a go-getter and a huge dreamer. A true leader, she lived her life to the fullest academically, through recreation and her work and never let any obstacle stand in her way. She loved animals, rescuing many and aspired to move to Australia one day, where she hoped to care for wildlife small and large. When it came to friends, family and co-workers, Becky was always there to lend a hand or an ear, no matter what was tasked of her.

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In January 2017, the $5,000 Rebecca Keel Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Priya Patel, a PhysAssist Scribe working in Dallas, TX. Becky's family presented the check and gave a warm, heartfelt speech on how Priya embodies their daughter's spirit and drive. "Like our daughter, Priya walks through the world with purpose and uses her talents and passions for the good of others," shared Jim Keel, Becky's father.

Scholarship winner Priya Patel with the Keel family and NTAF board members.

Priya is a junior at Southern Methodist University and aspires to one day be a neurosurgeon, traveling the world to help individuals in underserved countries receive the medical treatment in need. She is not going to wait till then to help, though, and is in fact traveling to Honduras as part of the Global Medical Brigade, organized through her school. Congratulations to a truly unique and inspirational young woman!

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NTAF Scholarship

The NTAF Scholarship is exclusively for medical scribes employed by PhysAssist Scribes, Inc. who demonstrate loyalty and dedication in their role while pursuing career in healthcare.

2014 Recipient

The 2014 NTAF Scholarship recipient was Brittanie Knowles from the Dallas/Kaufman PhysAssist Scribes facility. From 2013, she was a Scribe and Scribe Trainer, playing a valuable role in I Am Scribe University, the company's scribe training program. As a trainer, she was a leader, encouraging scribe trainees to reach for the top. Brittanie exemplifies the core values of hard work, passion, dedication and determination. She graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas, where she was a collegiate athlete that played softball and pursued her academic requirements for medical school.