About NTAF

Meet Ace, the adorable dog pictured above. A welcome family member to Dr. Compton Broders and his wife Maureen Murry, Ace is the inspiration for North Texas Ace Foundation. When Broders and Murry adopted Ace, they quickly realized that this adoring creature was completely dependent upon them. They learned that the things Ace needed to live, thrive, feel safe, and belong to a family were the same things that motivate humans. Like a pup, a person needs to feel safe, to have respect from others, and seek experiences that can help them grow. The couple drew on the philosophy of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs—from the basics like food, water, and warmth to self-fulfillment needs that allow one to reach their full potential. This philosophy is at the core of the North Texas Ace Foundation.

Promoting Human

Healthcare & Animal Welfare

for the Better Good


Quality healthcare is something every individual requires in order to survive
and thrive.


Broders ER
Golf Classic

The annual Broders ER Golf Classic draws physicians, nurses, paramedics and other medical professionals from North Texas for a competitive fundraiser in support of the Parkland Foundation’s Public Health Preparedness Fund…



NTAF is dedicated to supporting future healthcare clinicians in our nation through its scholarship program.



As much as Ace, the inspiration behind NTAF, needs attentive care to flourish as a happy and healthy dog, so do other animals in the North Texas area. NTAF strives for the well-being of animals through its support of organizations devoted pet rescue, adoption, and veterinary care. Featured here are just a few of the groups we partner that provide animals with care, love, and homes.