NTAF Scholarships

North Texas Ace Foundation is dedicated to supporting future healthcare clinicians in our nation through its scholarship program. Today’s pre-health students will be tomorrow’s doctors, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners. By supporting their education, North Texas Ace Foundation can help students achieve their dreams in medicine.

To date, North Texas Ace Foundation has distributed over $30,000.00 in scholarships to medical scribes.

Rebecca Keel Memorial Scholarship

The Rebecca Keel Memorial Scholarship is an achievement-based scholarship awarded to medical scribes employed by ScribeAmerica, LLC.  The Rebecca Keel Memorial Scholarship honors Becky Keel, a former medical scribe with PhysAssist Scribes, Inc., who lost her life in a tragic car accident in 2015. At only 22, Becky was a remarkable individual who accomplished an incredible amount while touching so many people in her circle. Pictured here on her first day with PhysAssist Scribes, her ebullience, energy, and amazing nature shine through.

Becky was passionate, adventurous, bright, a go-getter and a huge dreamer. A true leader, she lived her life to the fullest academically, through recreation, and through her work; she never let any obstacle stand in her way. She loved animals, rescuing many, and aspired to move to Australia one day where she hoped to care for wildlife small and large. When it came to friends, family, and co-workers, Becky was always there to lend a hand or an ear, no matter what was tasked of her.

Each year North Texas Ace Foundation distributes one $5,000 scholarship to an eligible medical scribe that embodies Becky’s spirit and amazing achievements.

The 2019 Rebecca Keel Memorial Scholarship application will open on October 1, 2019.  The application link will be available on October 1, 2019. The application deadline is 5:00 pm EST on Friday, November 15, 2019. 

Rebecca Keel Memorial Scholarship Application

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Embody the spirit of Becky Keel – passionate, energetic, adventurous, caring
  • Current medical scribe at ScribeAmerica
  • GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Currently attending undergraduate or graduate school; or applying to attend a graduate program in the healthcare industry
  • Planning to pursue a career in the healthcare industry
  • Examples of promoting human healthcare through charitable work
  • Examples of promoting animal welfare (Becky loved animals!)

Meet past recipients of this scholarship!

Past Recipients

2017 Rebecca Keel Memorial Scholarship

The 2017 Rebecca Keel Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Caroline LeTohic.  Caroline was a PhysAssist Scribe working in Las Vegas, Nevada.  On October 1, 2017, Las Vegas emergency departments were inundated with patients after a gunman opened fire at a concert.  Caroline was working as a medical scribe at Sunrise Hospital that night when over 180 patients were received in two hours, all presenting with gunshot wounds.  Amidst the chaos, Caroline sprung into action to manage the workflow of the patients.  She grabbed the nearest stack of papers and clipboards and distributed them to the other scribes.  Caroline directed half of the scribes to find a provider and start charting HPIs and physical exams. She then directed the other half of the scribes to gather information from patients about the location of their gunshot wounds and whether they received an X-ray.  If a patient had not received an X-ray, the scribes handed the patient a sheet of paper that read “NEEDS XR” and informed the patient to show that paper to any X-ray technician walking around the area.  The scribes continued this workflow until enough scribes arrived at the hospital to assist with documentation.   Like Becky, Caroline embodies a servant’s heart and in a time of chaos, Caroline found a way to lead and inspire her fellow scribes to serve these patients. Caroline is attending medical school and aspires to become a gynecologic oncologist.

2016 Rebecca Keel Memorial Scholarship

The 2016 Rebecca Keel Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Priya Patel, a PhysAssist Scribe working in Dallas, Texas. Rebecca’s family presented the check and gave a warm, heartfelt speech on how Priya embodies their daughter’s spirit and drive. “Like our daughter, Priya walks through the world with purpose and uses her talents and passions for the good of others,” shared Jim Keel, Rebecca’s father.

Pictured below is scholarship winner Priya Patel with the Keel family and NTAF board members.

Click here to learn more about Priya Patel

Other finalists for the Rebecca Keel Memorial Scholarship have received a $1,000.00 scholarship:

Daniel R. Schaefer, Florida State University
Taylor A. Matson, Texas A&M University
Victoria L. Ford, University of Central Oklahoma
Isabelle Joyce B. Agapito, University of South Florida
Taryn Douglas, Ohio State University
Helene Neidig, University of Southern Mississippi
Giavanna Verdi, James Madison University
Maria Kocab, University of South Florida Tampa
Divya Gopal, East Carolina University

2014 North Texas Ace Foundation Scholarship

In 2014, North Texas Ace Foundation distributed a $10,000.00 scholarship to Brittanie Knowles, a PhysAssist medical scribe in Dallas, Texas. From 2013, she was a Scribe and Scribe Trainer, playing a valuable role in I AM SCRIBE UNIVERSITY, PhysAssist’s scribe training program. As a trainer, she was a leader, encouraging scribe trainees to reach for the top. Brittanie exemplifies the core values of hard work, passion, dedication and determination. She graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas, where she was a collegiate athlete that played softball and pursued her academic requirements for medical school.

Pictured below is scholarship recipient Brittanie Knowles with NTAF board members.